My Education, My Voice

Posted 31/08/2017

This is an exciting opportunity for our young people between the age of 14 and 18 to make a difference by sharing their views and experiences of the education system, as well as ideas about any improvements.  Registrations of interest are open until 3 September and very much appreciate your help to get the message out to young people and their families and whānau.



Share this information to any of your interested young people so that we are able to get a wide range of voices and experiences on the group and forum.  You don't need to be a student to register.  If there are people who don’t want to be part of the advisory group, the forum is a good alternative for them to have their say on issues that affect them.  We want the agenda to be set by the young people.


There is  a digital version of the poster plus a video which you could share to your contacts, or through your channels.  The poster is attached and a link to the video is here for you to embed: Video There’s a post on our Facebook page that could be shared, or feel free to make it your own.

From: Ministry of Education

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