Social Services

Aere Tai offers a range of social services to cater for community needs including anti-bullying and violence prevention programmes, family support, older people's support programmes, immigration advocacy services and a youth mentoring service.

We also offer community garden projects and housing support services. 

Anti-bullying programmes

Anti-bullying programmes aim to take positive approaches and put effective practices in place within schools that have been shown to work in reducing the occurrence of bullying.

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Budgeting advocacy

Budgeting services are advocacy based and are aimed at families that need support to help make ends meet. We can provide advocacy with government agencies, creditors, finance companies and banks and support individuals and families to gain control of their finances.

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Community garden projects

Aere Tai’s community gardens aim to increase community knowledge of gardening while making good quality fresh food available to people who would otherwise miss out on nutritious food – or who do not have enough to eat.

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Housing support service

Housing support services provide assistance to families who may be having difficulty securing suitable accommodation / housing. We can facilitate between family and other agencies where necessary to support families into safe, healthy and affordable accommodation.

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Immigration advocacy service

Communication issues can sometimes be a barrier, such as understanding correspondence and forms from Immigration New Zealand. Advocacy services are provided when English as a second language is an issue.

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Older people's support programmes

Older people’s support programmes offer a variety of activities, education, health promotion and safety programmes in an environment where older people are respected and valued.

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Violence prevention programmes

Violence prevention programmes take a strengths based approach underpinned by Pasifika core values and principles to promote better wellbeing by preventing violence. We treat all clients with courtesy, respect and confidentiality, and work with families, communities, other agencies and professionals to support families affected by violence.

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Youth mentoring programmes

The EPIK (Engaging Pacific Island Kids) youth mentoring programme allows Pacific youth to express themselves through sports activities. The programme supports the participants to understand the importance of good health and wellbeing, as well as working with them to understand anxiety and how this may affect their moods and behaviours.

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