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Posted 30/10/2019

Talofa, my name is Angeline Ritchie. I have been at the Pacific Island Community (Tauranga) Trust (PICTT) as a Registered Nurse since December 2016. I am Samoan, New Zealand born and raised in Hamilton. I relocated to Mount Maunganui in 2008 with my husband and family.

During my time at PICTT, I have had the opportunity as a Registered Nurse and preceptor to be part of several student Nurses journey's as they study, strive and sacrifice - dedicating themselves to their chosen career goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. 

At PICTT, we have been able to offer preceptorship to Toi Ohomai nursing students. This week is the final week for Fallon and Stella, both are in their second year of nursing completing their community health placement.

Falloon and Stella have had a four week insight into community nursing with our Bay of Plenty Pacific Island Community and the opportunity to experience working with other PICTT staff members using a multi-disciplinary approach. As needs are individual and families are diverse. Falloon and Stella have asked to complete an educational talking board on diabetes to add to the talking boards we have. The talking boards are used during educational sessions without our daily work when working with our Pacific Island community.

Angeline with student Registered Nurses
Angeline with student Registered Nurses

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