Older people's support programmes

Older people’s support programmes offer a variety of activities, education, health promotion and safety programmes in an environment where older people are respected and valued.

Participants frequently come to programmes with family members and/or carers, where they socialise, exercise, participate in arts and crafts and learn to cook healthy meals, assisting them to live healthily and independently.

Programmes encourage a holistic view of health, and have included regular education and monitoring of key health indicators (e.g. blood pressure, diabetes), education in healthy eating (e.g. nutrition), passive exercise, music, dance and traditional arts and crafts.

Older people’s support programmes focus on:

  • Empowering Pacific older people to maximise their own independence
  • Allowing them to take ownership of their own decision making, health and wellbeing
  • Achieving a feeling of value within Pacific older people and their fanau
  • Engaging Pacific older people within their own social networks and communities
  • Reducing the risk of social isolation and loss of independence

Aere Tai locations funded to provide this service

Hamilton - K'aute Pasifika Trust

Gisborne - Pacific Islanders' Community Trust

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