Pacific Island Community (Tauranga) Trust

Welcome to Pacific Island Community Tauranga Trust. We are a member of the Aere Tai Pacific Midland Collective, based in Tauranga.

We have been providing services in the Bay of Plenty region since 2008. We aim to support our Pacific people to be visible for the right reasons, support them to achieve their goals and aspirations and celebrate our successes.

Our Services

Key Personnel 

  • Delwyn Walker

    Chief Executive Officer

Latest News

  • Tevita’s Eternal Gratitude

    Tevita’s Eternal Gratitude

    The tears running down Tevita’s Pohiva’s cheeks are tears of thankfulness. Having spent close to two decades in Australia successfully running a business, he discovered the so-called lucky country was not so generous when his deteriorating health - due to diabetes - began to take its toll. Read More

  • An E.P.I.K. time for Tauranga Pacific youth

    An E.P.I.K. time for Tauranga Pacific youth

    Tauranga’s Chris Tongalea knows all about the benefits Pacific sporting role models can provide. Read More