K'aute Pasifika Welcomes New CEO

Posted 05/05/2017

Ni Sabula vinaka, Talofa lava, Kia orana, Talohani, Malo e lelei, Mauri, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Talofa, Tena koutou and greetings.

In 1999, the Pasifika Communities in Hamilton came together, seeking a Pasifika focused service to enable the health and well-being of Pasifika people. With the support of these communities, K’aute Pasifika was established, with Le’aupepe ElisaEvie Zamora, (Peta), leading the vision as the Chief Executive Officer for the Organisation. Peta has been tireless during the past 18 years, and her passion and commitment alongside the huge support from the communities, families, staff and Board, have enabled the organisation to go from strength to strength. K’aute Pasifika Trust now services more than 4000 Pacific Island clients in Hamilton with a range of health, social and education services, as well as being the Lead Provider for the Midlands Pasifika Network and Whanau Ora Services throughout the wider Waikato region.

After 18 years, it is with sadness, that K’aute Pasifika Trust has accepted Peta’s resignation, however we wish Peta, Noel and her family our best wishes for her retirement. We wish to acknowledge the huge influence and impact that Peta has had on ensuring Pacific people have high quality services provided by Pacific, in their homes and communities.

The K’aute Pasifika Trust Board knew that the task of recruiting the right person into the Chief Executive Position, was crucial. This role is so important and we were committed to ensuring the right person was appointed to the role, so the organisation could carry on the work that Peta envisioned, and continue to grow from strength to strength. Therefore the Board contracted the Recruitment agency Russell Drake Consulting, and also sought support from the General Manager for Pacific Services at Counties Manukau DHB, Elizabeth Powell, to be part of the Recruitment process and panel.

After a comprehensive and thorough recruitment process led by an independent recruitment agent and another external consultant, K’aute Pasifika Trust Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Rachel Fuatino Karalus (Samoan) into the role of Chief Executive Officer. Rachel was born in Samoa, and moved to Hamilton with her family when she was young. Rachel’s background is in law, and she has practiced as a litigation lawyer for over a decade, in Auckland, Wellington and Waikato. During that time, Rachel has been committed to serving the community through various governance roles including on the board of Kaute Pasifika Trust and Lifeline NZ. We are so fortunate to have secured someone with extensive legal experience, and who has a commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of the Pacific Peoples in Waikato. Rachel commences as CEO on Tuesday 16th May.

Edgar Wilson
K’aute Pasifika Trust

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