Waikato Nesian Festival 2016

Posted 11/05/2016

It was Hamilton’s turn to celebrate their Pacific roots, Waikato Nesian Festival 2016, with great food, great performances, great atmosphere and beautiful people.  

This was the 5th Waikato Nesian Festival since 2009 and it is led by K’aute Pasifika Trust in Hamilton and this year’s focus was to encourage the community to “Get Active. The day’s program was celebrated with great joy, tons of laughter amidst a great atmosphere and a friendly environment filled with the aroma of Island food that made Waikato Nesian Festival 2016 a memorable event for all. It felt like a day spent back in the islands.


  This event occurs every 2nd year and the idea is bringing our Pacific families together from different areas of the Waikato region to share their culture and experience other Pacific cultures as well. People from all around Waikato gathered at the Claudelands Park. The different Pacific ethnic communities that turned out enjoying the company of fellow Pacific Islanders, selling their island delicacies and watching the different performances on stage was very impressive. Leaders and representatives of our Pacific people from other parts of New Zealand and key Government Ministries were present and were able to witness this wonderful day.


“Get Active” was the event theme and Zumba instructors were invited to host workout sessions at the event to get the crowd involved and to feel motivated in living a healthy lifestyle and stay fit.

Phillip Thomas-Sam (Zumba Instructor) from Gamma Fitness Waikato, said, “Working out is not just done in the gym, it is all about getting up and do something anytime of the day”.

The involvement of the crowd was extraordinary and great vibes was floating in the atmosphere.

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